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155 bosch condensing hydronic heaters

Bosch Condensing Hydronic Heaters

5000W Condensing Hydronic Heating Boilers – 18Kw – 30Kw and 37Kw

ZSB 182A *
5000 W 18 Kw Cond NG/LPG
5000 W 30 Kw Cond NG/LPG
5000 W 37 Kw Combi NG/LPG

The range available in 5000W Condensing Hydronic Heating Boiler – 18Kw- 30Kw-37Kw
The Bosch Condensing 5000W System Boilers 18Kw and 30Kw, take care of heating home
easy to install hydronic heating solution.Many of the components of the system,
Such as Expantion vessel, are built into the Bosch Hydronic heating boiler itself,making it.
quick and easy to install.

The Bosch Condensing 5000W 37Kw Boiler
The Bosch Condensing 5000W 37Kw Combination Boiler is a gas condensing boiler that is capable of
providing both central heating and domestic hot water. Combining two appliances, a Bosch ‘Combi’ boiler
uses high-efficiency condensing technology for both heating and domestic hot water.

157 bosch standard efficiency hydronic boiler

Bosch Standard Efficiency Hydronic Boiler

30Kw heat output, available in NG and LPG. Efficient and compact.

Options(Size *)
30Kw Heat Output. NG
30Kw Heat Output. LPG

Bosch setting thestandard in efficient domestic hydronic heating the WBN6000-30NG. 30Kw heat output, Excellent efficiency, Compact, modern design. Quiet operation User friendly controllers,Available in NG and LPG, External Installation.

klover smart 120 BT

Klover Smart 120 BT Pellet Boiler Cooker

Klover Smart 120 British Traditional Pellet Boiler Cooker

The Smart 120 BT has the same high efficiency and automation of the contemporary Smart 120 but with a more traditional look.

With its clean, elegant lines, the Smart BT will happily fit into any kitchen. It might look like a traditional solid fuel cooker but it will be quietly taking care of the central heating and hot water as well as providing a hot oven and a hotplate to cook on.


The Smart 120 BT is available in black, red and cream and has optional hob covers.



Net weight: 290 kg

Dimensions W x H x D: 1200 x 875 x 600 mm

Pellet tank capacity: 32 kg

Efficiency at rated power reduced: 90.1%


k top cooker wood boiler

Klover Wood Boiler Cooker K Top

Klover Wood Boiler Cooker K Top

The K Top is a multi-functional wood boiler designed to warm up your whole home and it can also be used as a cook top range too.

All your radiators will quickly become hot with minimum log usage, spreading heat in every room whilst supply domestic hot water for the whole family.



Net weight: 250 kg

Dimensions W x H x D: 1000 x 870 x 600 mm


linea hydronic boiler

WISELIVING Linea Hydronic Boiler

WISELIVING Linea Hydronic Boiler on Legs

The Linea is a compact glass-fronted hydronic heating boiler, delivering 20 kW of hydronic heat to provide comfortable winter warmth throughout your home, and even larger areas in new homes with their significantly improved insulation qualities.

Although the Linea delivers its heat through hydronics, either by radiators, convector units or underfloor coils, the glass door is what gives Linea the appearance of a  conventional, solidly constructed combustion heater.

The top surface of the Linea can also be used as a cooking surface. You can have a kettle on standby or brewed coffee anytime.

The standard Linea is finished in a sleek metallic black. Other colours are available on request.



Hydronic Heat Output: 20 kWh
Radiant Heat Output: 0-5 kWh depending on installation
Height 630-830 mm
Width 700 mm
Depth 570 mm


sophel installation image

WISELIVING Sophel Hydronic Wood Boiler

WISELIVING Sophel Hydronic Boiler 

Wiseliving’s Sophel is a versatile hydronic boiler suitable for any type of  aesthetic space, whether it be rustic, old or modern.

A slow, elegant combustion exudes into the room while delivering a neutral distribution of warmth to each room in the home.

The Sophel has a combined hydronic heat output of up to 45 kWh. The large capacity firebox also allows for extended burn times between refuelling. An ash tray system allows for easy and clean removal of ash even during operation.

Each area temperature can be individually regulated and doors can be closed for privacy as the heat source is within each room and heating is not reliant on air flow.

Hydronic heating eliminates draughts and vastly reduces airborne dust which can be created by some fan driven ducted systems.



Heat Output: up to 400 m2
Height 1260 mm
Width 940 mm
Depth 535 mm