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Hidew ROE/REV Heat Recovery Unit

Hidew ROE/REV Heat Recovery Unit 

The quality of the air and its purity, temperature and humidity are fundamental elements for comfort, especially in the winter.

A controlled mechanical ventilation system is the best solution to maintain both the energy performance levels of a building and the quality of indoor air.

To achieve indispensable air exchange in a building and ensure good air quality in the rooms, it is fundamental to install a controlled mechanical ventilation system. The renewal of air in the rooms is in fact indispensable for correct housing hygiene.

HiDew ROE and RVE heat recovery controlled mechanical ventilation is the best solution to reduce the energy usage of the home while improving the overall cleanliness of the rooms.



  • Heat recovery
  • Free cooling
  • Energy-saving EC electronic cooling fans
  • Air filters
  • Supervision via RS485 port