Pellet Boilers - Efficient & Environmentally Sustainable

A pellet boiler is an efficient heating system widely used throughout Europe. Pellets are used for heating systems of 3.9 kW or more – suitable for a  residential home or a large commercial building complex.

Pellets are made from various types of harvested hard wood, soft wood and industrial wood bi-products. Pellets produce much better air quality by minimising moisture and smoke. Being a cost effective and energy efficient solution, the demand for pellets is exponentially rising.

The pellet boiler is a much sustainable alternative for fossil fuels which not only have a harmful impact on our environment, but also continue to increase in cost.


User Friendly and Great Flexibility

The pellet’s automatic feeding system technology feeds the burner at a controlled rate, making it very manageable and easy to maintain. Pellet boilers are able to be incorporated into the design of a hydronic system which makes it a very feasible heating option for the home.

When operating at full capacity, most modern pellet boilers can achieve 90% in energy efficiency with minimal air pollution or ash.

With easy maintenance and high energy sustainability, pellet boilers are an ideal heating option for anyone.