Wet back boiler is fuel/energy efficient.

The boiler is the main providing source of heating in an underfloor heating system. The financial considerations of most boilers include the initial cost, installation and ongoing running fees.

Whilst the wet back boiler is a more dearer option, it is much effective to initially purchase an efficient and well-designed boiler than for service costs to continue accumulating over time.


The Wet Back Boiler

The two most commonly types of boilers are the dry and wet back. Wet back have steadily become more popular option as they are considerably more efficient and require far less maintenance. Though initially more expensive, they quickly prove cheaper in the long run.

The term ‘wet back’ comes from the fact that the reversal chamber is completely surrounded by water. This means the maximum amount of heat is conducted to the water, providing maximum efficiency. Dry back boilers do not completely cover the reversal chamber, lowering the efficiency as some of the heat is lost to the atmosphere.


Wetback Boiler Advantages:

    • They are more fuel/energy efficient
    • They can be set at a wide range of temperatures, with stable efficiency
    • They require little maintenance
    • They are cheaper to run
    • They last for decades
    • They have separate tube sheets between all major temperature changes
    • They are very tolerant of load changes
    • Any access door is constructed of durable material
    • Access doors require no cool-down period so they can be opened at any time
    • Efficiency is maintainable because hot gases cannot short circuit in a wetback design


Wet Back Boiler Installation

Wet Back boilers are now almost exclusively used for water heating in small to large housing. Their performance and durability outperform any of their rivals. Other boilers are however preferable in industrial applications.