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194 smartheat solar stainless steel tank package gas boosted

Micoe SmartHeat Solar 30 Solar Tubes & Tank Package

SmartHeat and Micoe Solar have put together a complete solar hot water system comprising of, 30 Collectors the Manifold. 315L Enamel Vitreous Tank. Electrical Element. Wilo Circulation Pump. Sensors and Controller and with a Flat Frame.

Comprising of.
30 Tube Collector Panel
315 Litre Vitreous Enamel tank with a back up electrical element
2 x Sensor wells. 2 x Brass T’s. 2 x Pump unions
1 x Wilo 15/6 circulation pump
1 x Solasmart Plus Controller
Comes with flat frame.
All upright frames for flat roofs are an extra and not included in the packages.



TZ58/1800-30R5  30 Evacuated Tubes. Tube: 58 mm/1.8 m


Flat Frame (Dimensions L 2010 x W 2420 x H 189 mm)

Net Weight 122 kg

195 smartheat solar collector 1415

SmartHeat Solar Collector Package


30 Evacuated Tubes. Tube: 58mm/1.8m with Manifold and Flat Frame (Dimensions L2010 x W2420 x H189mm).

Unique SmartHeat Micoe Solar Collector Package with 30 Evacuated Tubes with Manifold and Flat Frame. Size 0.433m³, efficiency 71.3% (Aperture Area).
Frame (Dimensions L2010 x W2420 x H189mm).
Net Weight 122kg