The Complete Range of Hydronic Pipe Fittings

Hydronic heating systems rely on good pipe fittings to work. The hot water circulated through the pipe is primarily used for heating. A wide range of pipes and pipe fitting parts are available with various standards, lengths and diameters. Having a wide range of pipes and pipe fittings facilitates the installation process, which maximises efficiency in the design and implementation process of hydronic heating systems.


Plastic Pipe Fitting

Plastic pipe fittings are a less expensive option, lighter in weight and have no issues with rust or corrosion. Its insulative qualities prevent condensation from forming on pipes that carry cold water; these same qualities minimise heat loss.


Copper Pipe Fitting

Copper pipe fittings are more superior in heat conductivity to other metals and have very little issue with corrosion. Installation is easy as it has the right combination of rigidity and form. Copper is easily joined by soldering or brazing and is environmentally sustainable as it is recyclable.


Multi-layer Pipe Fitting

Multi-layer pipe fittings reduce the risk of contaminants in water and high pH liquids, whilst also preventing corrosion in pipe systems. This type of fitting is flexible and can be bent into place, making the installation process a lot more feasible.


Full Range of Hydronic Pipe Fittings

In order to have proper water circulation, correct fittings and pipes are an essential part of any hydronic installation design. All our products are carefully examined by our experts to ensure that only quality will be delivered- an example is our multi-layered pipe system, proudly sourced from Maincor in Germany.

We have a wide range of pipes and fittings which come in all standard lengths and sizes to assemble a reliable and efficient pipe system. Hydrosupply strives to create the best user experience by providing a large range of pipe assembly tools, fittings and hydronic equipment such as circulation pumps, pump stations, valves and thermostats- a one stop solution for your hydronic system.


Advantages of the Multi-layered Pipe

The use of plastic multi-layered pipe systems in HVACR (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) minimises the risk of high, inadmissible metallic products in drinking water. Plastic multi-layered pipe systems are impermeable as they do not require any O rings and the sleeves can be used on both sides.

Plastic pipe systems do not have any brass connectors and is connected by sliding sleeves which does not require any O rings. This simple connection technology reduces installation times and increases efficiency. With multi-layered pipes, there are higher flow rates, time-saving routing and protection against corrosion.
The advantages of the Hydronic MAINPEX pipe system:

  • Shorter installation time- simple connection technology
  • Higher flow rates
  • Protected against corrosion
  • 100% oxygen-proof multi-layer compound pipe
  • Inherently stable
  • Pressed fittings are reusable by heating and loosening the sleeve
  • Stress corrosion cracking is prevented