Descaling(Flushing) Pump Station – 40L


  • Removal of corrosion residues, sludge and scale.
  • Clear noise and cycle failures
  • Remove boiler scale and extend the life of the boiler
  • Improve radiator performance and ensure heat output
  • Large capacity, flushing more area
  • Equipped with 4 wheel, mobile cleaning is more convenient

Technical Parameter:

  • Working Pressure : Max 2.0 bar
  • Working Temperature : 50 °C
  • Motor Power : HP0.5
  • Power supply : 230V-50Hz
  • Flow Rate : 69L / min
  • Capacity : 40L
  • Applicable Medium : water


Introduction to Descaling Pumps

Descaling pumps are essential tools for maintaining the efficiency and longevity of various water circulation systems. These pumps are designed to remove limescale, mineral deposits, and rust from boilers, solar systems, water heaters, radiators, heat exchangers, underfloor heating systems, and air-source heat pumps. By preventing scale buildup, descaling pumps ensure optimal performance, reduce energy consumption, and extend the lifespan of your equipment. Regular descaling with these pumps is crucial for both residential and industrial applications, making them a vital component in maintaining high-functioning, efficient systems.


Applications of Descaling Pumps

descaling pump

1. Boiler

Descaling pumps remove scale deposits from boilers, which can cause overheating and reduce efficiency. Regular descaling ensures optimal performance and prevents potential damage to the system.

2. Solar System

In solar water heating systems, descaling pumps help maintain efficiency by removing mineral deposits from the collectors and piping, ensuring effective heat transfer and prolonging the system’s lifespan.

3. Water Heater

Descaling pumps are essential for tankless and traditional water heaters, preventing scale buildup that can obstruct water flow and reduce heating efficiency. Regular descaling keeps the water heater running smoothly.

4. Radiator

Descaling pumps clean out mineral deposits and rust from radiators, improving heat distribution and efficiency. This helps maintain consistent temperatures and extends the radiator’s lifespan.

5. Heat Exchanger

Descaling pumps remove scale deposits from heat exchangers, ensuring efficient heat transfer and preventing clogs that can disrupt the system. This maintenance is crucial for the longevity and performance of heat exchangers.

6. Under Floor Heating System

Descaling pumps maintain the efficiency of underfloor heating systems by removing scale and mineral buildup from the piping. This ensures even heat distribution and prevents potential blockages.

7. Air-Source Heat Pump

Descaling pumps help maintain the efficiency of air-source heat pumps by removing scale and mineral deposits from the heat exchanger and associated piping. This ensures effective operation and energy efficiency.


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