The ANTINEX + Thermakil chemical treatment is a scale remover, detergent for oxides, sludge and mud.

It protects installations and reduces the excessive formation of encrustations. It keeps lime scales and deposits in suspension in the plant.


Category: SKU: FILX71000



Neutral ph chemical conditioner acting as a corrosion inhibitor, protective film-forming action in both traditional and latest generation multi-metal thermal systems and radiant panels. Compatible with all metals, in particular it performs its protective function against amphoteric metals such as aluminum and its alloys, maintaining a balanced pH between 7 and 8.5, as prescribed by the Technical Standard UNI 8065:2019.

Instruction for Use
Use a minimum of 1 or 2 litres of product per 100 litres of circulating liquid. In new or well-pickled plants. The quantities depend on the variety of the metals that make up the plant and must be established based on the hardness and purity of the water (understood as the absence of corrosive ions) and at the operating temperature, the higher it is and the greater the quantity to use. It is necessary to combine FILMAX 7.0, in combination with the antifreeze products of the Facot range if in concentrations lower than 30 %.