Fill and Flush Valve

Key Features

  • Combination Functionality: This valve integrates two ball isolation valves and one ‘T’ port diverting ball valve. This combination allows for easy filling and flushing of the system with cleaning chemicals or water treatment solutions.
  • Versatile Fittings: Available with 25mm compression fitting
  • Included Accessories: Comes with hose outlet fittings, cover caps, and straps for straightforward installation.
  • Certified Installation Recommended: We recommend that the installation be carried out by an approved installer to ensure optimal performance and safety.
  • Water Softener Compatibility: Particularly in hard water areas, it’s advised to use a water softener such as ActivFlo or ActivFlo Lite to reduce the risk of calcium deposits forming within the system.


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Fill and Flush Valve

The Fill and Flush Valve is an essential component designed for use in domestic and small commercial systems. This versatile valve combines the functions of filling and flushing in one convenient fitting, making it an efficient and practical solution for various water systems.


  1. Enhanced System Efficiency:
    • The Fill & Flush Valve is ideal for recirculating system water through resin filling devices, helping to maintain system efficiency and comply. By effectively managing the water quality within the system, this valve ensures that the system operates smoothly and efficiently.
  2. Equipment Protection:
    • By using cleaning chemicals and water treatment solutions, the valve helps to remove contaminants that can damage the system. This protection extends the lifespan of vital components such as pumps, valves, and heat exchangers.
  3. Ease of Maintenance:
    • The integrated design of the Fill & Flush Valve simplifies maintenance tasks. Regular flushing of the system can prevent build-up of harmful deposits, reducing the frequency and cost of repairs.
  4. Water Conservation:
    • Efficiently filling and flushing the system helps to conserve water, making the system more environmentally friendly and cost-effective in the long run.


  • Domestic Systems: Perfect for use in home heating and cooling systems, ensuring they remain clean and efficient.
  • Small Commercial Systems: Ideal for small commercial buildings, providing reliable performance and easy maintenance.
  • Compliance with Standards: Ensures systems comply with high standards, particularly important for installations requiring specific water quality standards.

Installation and Maintenance

For optimal performance, it’s crucial to follow the included installation and maintenance instructions. Certified installers are recommended to handle the installation to ensure that the valve is fitted correctly and functions as intended. Regular maintenance, especially in hard water areas, can significantly extend the life and efficiency of the system.