[Hidew] Pool Dehumidifier


State of the art Dehumidifiers ideal for all size pools

DDS series dehumidifiers with advanced control are completely autonomous and are conceived for wall-mounted installation in
small private swimming pools.

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DDS models are thought to be installed directly in the room to be dehumidified and the pleasant design is suitable also for other
environments, such as museum, archives, libraries, churches, cellars and basements.
The sober but elegant look eases the installation in public and private venues, generally characterized by a sophisticated outline.
DDS dehumidifiers with advanced control are completely autonomous in managing humidity: the control on board reads the
ambient humidity and activates the dehumidification process when necessary: finally, the installation of these units is particularly


DDS040  350m3/h

DDS050  450m3/h

DDS060  500m3/h

DDS070  600m3/h

DDS090  700m3/h

DDS100  800m3/h