Hidew RSO/RSE Residential Dehumidifier

Hidew RSO/RSE Residential Dehumidifier

The dehumidifiers of the RSO / RSE horizontal series are designed for use in civil, residential and commercial environments with high latent load whereby
24 h / day operation is required.

They are particularly suitable in buildings where the room is cooled by radiant systems such as floors, walls or ceilings. HiDew dehumidifiers can be connected and supervised with the RS485 serial port.



The RS range consists of 2 versions: A – I

Version A is a neutral (isothermal) air version with air condensation which is supplied as standard with pre and post cooling batteries. The outgoing air is the same temperature as the incoming air.

Version I is with cold integration, a brazed plate condenser can cool the air like a conventional air conditioner. This function is useful during the mid seasons, cooking or when guests arrive at your home. In order to operate, the version I dehumidifier always needs to receive water from the radiant system.



  • Dehumidification
  • Refrigerant gas R134a
  • Heating mode summer
  • Heating mode wintry
  • Supervision via RS485 port
  • Isothermal version