Hidew STR Swimming Pool Dehumidifier

Hidew STR Swimming Pool Dehumidifier

The STR series units are ideal for when dehumidification is insufficient, and a strong exchange of indoor air without dispersion of the internal heat outside, as well as for room temperature control is much needed.
The high efficiency recuperator guarantees yields of up to 80%. The units of this series represent the state of the art in terms of efficiency, reliability and sound power emitted.


The STR range uses exclusively electronic radial fans with incorporated inverter with high energy efficiency.
The temperature control function, through a remote external condenser, guarantee control, not only of the humidity, but also of the ambient temperature.
The application of STR dehumidifiers is most commonly found in environments where simultaneous control of the two parameters is required.
Furthermore, an internally developed sophisticated regulation software, allows to set, measure and control the air flow.



  • Scroll compressors
  • Dehumidification
  • Refrigerant gas R410A
  • Air filters
  • Energy saving EC electronic fans
  • Heating mode wintry
  • Supervision via RS485 port
  • Silenced version