IMMERGAS SE 32kW External Boiler – NG

IMMERGAS SE 32kW External Boiler – NG

Immergas SE 32kW external boiler is a traditional hydronic system boiler for external installation that can be hung on the wall.

This 32 kW output boiler is made in Italy with natural gas as the fuel source.

There is a guarantee of 3 years warranty on this product.



Height: 1000 mm
Width: 555 mm
Depth: 255 mm
Empty appliance weight is 45 kg




Its features include:

  • Sealed room fan assisted model with a 36 kW heat output
  • Compact dimensions
  • Automatic system by-pass
  • D.H.W. Storage Tank (optional)
  • Electronic control board microprocessor driven
  • Electronic ignition and full modulation
  • Diagnostic and performance display
  • WaterMark
  • SAI Global Certified