Siemens Automatic Thermostat


Room Thermostat with Auto Timer, Option External Input.
The Thermostat allows you to set the room temperature at a time you want.

Control, 2-position control with on/off output for heating.
Auto time Switch Comfort, Economy, Auto timer and Protection mode.
Adjustable commissioning and control parameters.

Category: SKU: 95


Operating Voltage:  DC 3 V
Voltage supply: Micro (2xAAA)
Power consumption 14 VA
Setpoint setting rang:e 5-35℃
connection cable: 2-wire
Switching differential: 1K
Relay outputs: Change-over contact, Potential-free
Relay output, number; 1
Relay out, switching voltage: AC24-230V
Relay output, switching current:  8 (2) A
Radiofrequency; 433 MHz
Type of fixing: Wall mounting or desk stand for thermostat, wall mounting for receiver
Degree of protection IP30
Dimension (WxHxD) 127 x 85 x 22mm

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