SmartHeat Inverter Heat Pump 18kW / 24kW / 31kW

Multi-Function Heat Pump / Heating & Cooling / DC Inverter Residential Type

  • 12kW / 18kW / 24kW / 28kW / 31kW available
  • Panasonic DC inverter compressor
  • 1Hz Stepless inverter
  • 3 min speed defrosting
  • 3dB ultra quiet
  • Up to 85% in energy saving


  • Can maintain high temperature water output of up to 55℃
  • Operates utilizing DC inverter technology with high efficiency and whisper quiet operation.
  • Uses environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant.
  • High pressure protection and Automatic defrost features ensure long term reliability.
  • Incorporates MODBUS communication for smart home integration and fully automatic operation.
  • Stable operation at ambient temperatures as low as -30℃.
  • The system can be configured as a source for heating and cooling for various domestic and commercial applications