Strainers (Magnetic Filter)

Material: Bras forging
Inside: Metahmsel

Magnet: 50Guas
Installation: Horizontal
Removed dirt: 50um
Medium: water, water/glycol(1:1)


Category: SKU: 6-1


Benefits of Adding a Magnetic Filter to a Brass Strainer

Enhanced Metal Particle Removal

Incorporating a magnetic filter into a brass strainer significantly enhances its ability to remove metal particles such as rust, iron filings, and other ferrous contaminants. Magnetic filters use strong magnets to attract and capture these particles, ensuring that even the finest metal debris is effectively filtered out.

hydrosupply-strainers with Magnetic filter

Equipment Protection

By removing harmful metal particles from the system, a magnetic filter helps protect vital components such as pumps, valves, and heat exchangers. This protection extends the lifespan of these components, reducing the frequency and cost of repairs and replacements.

Improved System Efficiency

Eliminating metal particles from the fluid flow improves the overall efficiency of the system. It enhances heat transfer efficiency, reduces energy consumption, and ensures smoother operation, ultimately leading to cost savings and better performance.

Reduced Maintenance

With fewer metal particles circulating in the system, there is less wear and tear on components, resulting in extended maintenance intervals. This reduction in maintenance needs leads to lower operational costs and less downtime for the system.

Contamination Prevention

Maintaining a clean fluid flow by removing metal contaminants prevents the buildup of other forms of contamination within the system. This contributes to a cleaner, more reliable operation and prevents potential system failures.

Applications of Magnetic Filters in Brass Strainers

  1. Heating Systems: Magnetic filters are ideal for use in heating systems to remove metal particles from boilers and radiators, enhancing system longevity and performance.
  2. Cooling Systems: They help maintain the efficiency of heat exchangers and prevent blockages in cooling systems by removing metal debris.
  3. Industrial Machinery: Magnetic filters protect industrial machinery by reducing wear and tear, maintaining efficiency, and extending the equipment’s lifespan.


strainer magnetic filter