WISELIVING Gourmet Cooker

WISELIVING Gourmet Cooker 

With an optional hot water jacket-wet back included, this gourmet cooker can altogether heat, cook and provide hot water to meet all your family’s needs.

The Gourmet is best placed in the lounge, dining or family room as a space heater and can also be sited in the kitchen as a cooker if desired. The unique venting system makes for easy control of oven temperatures for all cooking requirement


It offers a large space heating capacity, up to 180 m2, a good sized oven with a self-cleaning glass door with thermometer and a huge top cooking surface.

The firebox is large and super responsive. The oven comes standard with oven rack and tray. The Gourmet will burn coal, but is more suited to burning wood, having both top and bottom air controls.


Heat Output: 18 Kw
Heating Capacity: 180 m2
Height 910 mm
Width 700 mm
Depth 560 mm
Rear 125 mm
LHS Below 400 mm
RHS below 400 mm