Heat pumps

A heat pump is an energy-efficient device that provides heat to your homes or buildings in winter and makes your house cool in summer. It pulls out the heat from indoor air and makes your insides cool in summer, similarly in winter, the heat pump pulls heat from outside and makes your interiors warm. It transfers heat using refrigerant technology, making it a convenient device for your household and office.

Heat pumps don’t need a separate system as they can provide both heating and cooling. They are different from furnaces that use fossil fuels, which makes this device environmentally friendly.


Types of Heat pumps


There are mainly two types of heat pumps, Air source heat pumps, and Ground source heat pumps, also known as Geothermal heat pumps. They work on the same basic principle: heat transfer, in which the device moves heat from one place to another.


Air source heat pump


The Air heat pump pulls out the heat from the air outside your home and pumps it inside with the help of refrigerant-filled coils. Heat pumps use the same material, which is used in your refrigerators, including two fans, the refrigerant, a reversing valve, and a compressor.

In this process, Due to being squeezed by a compressor, the refrigerant will absorb heat, then the heat pump will move this liquid refrigerant inside your home and make your interior warm. So this is how heat pumps heat your homes in winter.

In the summer, the heat pump works in reverse form, it draws heat from the inside of the house and sends it out. These systems are known as hydronic or water-based as they use water to heat and cool your house. Heat pumps are efficient enough to use less electricity.


Geothermal or Ground source heat pumps


Ground source heat pumps use the groundwater ,or earth to provide heating and cooling to your homes. In this system, a heat pump transfers the heat from groundwater to buildings and houses in winter, and in summer, it takes out heat from the house and transfers it back into the earth.


The heat pump absorbs and transfers heat from the ground through liquid pumping pipes, which work on open-loop and closed-loop systems. In a closed-loop system, refrigerant is circulated through pipes, and in an open-loop system, water is taken from underground, and then from that water heat is absorbed and transferred to the house.


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