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98 solastat pool controller

SOLASTAT Pool Controller

Solar Pool controller 240v.
Pool Controller. Two sensors (Pool & Roof). One output (240VAC) for pool pump LED display c/w 8 status lights. High Quality,efficiency, reliability and +/- 1C Accuracy Enclosure and cable UV resistant, Water resistant, rear cable entry option Rear Cable Entry Option.2HP(1500W) Relay Standard.


SOLASTAT Solasmart Plus- S1R


SolaSmart Plus-S1R-2SR. Control range- 40 ~ +299°C.

Operating temperature 0~60°C- 240 Vac +/- 10% 50 to 60 Hz.

The system comes with 5 status lights, 3 m inlet sensor, 3 m tank sensor, 20 m teflon/pvc plug, in panel sensor,

3 x 1 HP relay @ 240 Vac, 2 m mains plug , 2 x main sockets, IP 54 & UV A/B enclosure.


SSP2-303D-001 control range- 40 ~ +299°C.Temperatures 0~60°C

99 solastat st controller

SOLASTAT St Controller

None adjustable thermostat
Solar Controller / 240VAC 50Hz. Three Sensor( Lower, Tank, and Roof sensors) Two out for Solar pump and HWC Boosting pump(240VAC).None adjustable thermostat