[Aquatechnik] Reduced Tee

Aquatechnik : REDUCED TEE safety-system

Aquatechnik SAFETY System
The lead free polymer safety fittings are the result of continuous technical innovation and research. This new range was designed and patented to reach the highest safety standards regarding the connection of in-wall multi-layer pipe installations.

The fittings are made from PPSU (polyphenylsulfone) which is a high performance polymer that has excellent impact and chemical resistance. It is commonly used in the fields of avionics due to its lightweight nature and flame-proof characteristics, and in medical applications such as human joint replacements due to its high impact strength and compatibility with human tissue. The material is also lead free, making it the safest choice for drinking water applications.



  • 20717 20mm x 16 mm x 16mm
  • 20720 20mm x 16mm x 20mm
  • 20725 26mm x 16mm x 26mm
  • 20728 26mm x 20mm x 26mm
  • 20732 32mm x 16mm x 32mm
  • 20735 32mm x 20mm x 32mm
  • 20736 32mm x 26mm x 32mm

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