Hidew DOS Swimming Pool Dehumidifier

Hidew DOS Swimming Pool Dehumidifier

The DOS series dehumidifiers are designed for use in small private pools where suspended ceiling installation is required.
DOS dehumidifiers are perfect for all humid environments such as museums, libraries, archives, cellars.

Designed for suspended ceiling installation, they can also be supplied with all air distribution accessories such as plenums, grids, channels. The series consists of 7 models, from 67 up to 225 L / day.



The DOS series dehumidifiers are completely autonomous in the management of humidity and room temperature: the probes are supplied on board as standard and the control controls the compressor and the heating coil, if supplied.

The installation of these units is therefore particularly simple.



  • Scroll compressors
  • Dehumidification
  • Refrigerant gas R410A
  • Heating mode wintry
  • Supervision via RS485 port
  • Silenced version