Hidew REV Residential Dehumidifier

Hidew REV Residential Dehumidifier

The REV series dehumidifiers with extremely high efficiency heat recovery are designed for use in buildings with radiant cooling where in addition to the dehumidifier, an air exchange system is also included. The REV dehumidifiers have the function of dehumidifying, cooling, heating and exchanging air by recovering the heat of the expelled air.

The adjustable electronic fans with permanent magnet brushless motor with latest generation built-in inverter, guarantee a high head and optimize electricity consumption.


The REV range consists of 3 different versions: A – I – W


Version A is a neutral (isothermal) air dehumidifier with air condensation supplied as standard with pre and post cooling coils. The outgoing air is at the same temperature as the incoming air.


Version I is a dehumidifier that is able to also add cold power to the radiant system. With a brazed plate condenser, the dehumidifier can cool the air like a conventional air conditioner. With a high temperature range, this version is useful for the mid seasons, cooking or when you have guests over at your home. To operate, this version always needs to receive water from the radiant system.


Version W is a hydronic dehumidifier with chilled water, without a compressor and therefore is particularly silent. The outgoing air is always colder than the incoming air. The W version provides air conditioning in summer and heating in winter.



  • Energy saving EC electronic fans
  • Isothermal version
  • Dehumidifcation
  • Supervision via RS485 port
  • Heat recovery
  • Heat mode wintry
  • Heating mode summer
  • Refrigerant gas R134a
  • Air filters
  • Silenced version