WISELIVING Sophel Hydronic Wood Boiler

WISELIVING Sophel Hydronic Boiler 

Wiseliving’s Sophel is a versatile hydronic boiler suitable for any type of  aesthetic space, whether it be rustic, old or modern.

A slow, elegant combustion exudes into the room while delivering a neutral distribution of warmth to each room in the home.


The Sophel has a combined hydronic heat output of up to 45 kWh. The large capacity firebox also allows for extended burn times between refuelling. An ash tray system allows for easy and clean removal of ash even during operation.

Each area temperature can be individually regulated and doors can be closed for privacy as the heat source is within each room and heating is not reliant on air flow.

Hydronic heating eliminates draughts and vastly reduces airborne dust which can be created by some fan driven ducted systems.


Heat Output: up to 400 m2
Height 1260 mm
Width 940 mm
Depth 535 mm